About Us

Pets-Affinity is your one stop hub for everything pets' related. Our core mission and values is to provide the platform for your pet to live a life full of joy, health and memorable experiences. This comes from the products we offer on our store front varying from toys, beds, sanitation and feeding and all with 100% quality guaranteed to make you feel comfortable in the product choices you're making. Furthermore, our team is run by a collective of industry specialists with years upon years of experience in the field that know what's best for you and your pet. 
Whether you have a cat or a dog we have you sorted from A to Z. Whilst providing all the necessities you could dream of for your pet we also have one thing in mind to keep you happy and satisfied throughout, and that's offering our products at some of the most cost efficient prices you'll find on the market. At the end of the day, we know sometimes owning a pet can be expensive so we want to do our part to help reduce that overall. 
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